Visible and invisible, two worlds meet in man


Welcome to Firedrake Center for the Arts, a community of artists of many disciplines marrying the sacred healing arts and creative arts to ground us in a reality that goes beyond our five senses. We are writers, artists, drummers, gardeners, actors, musicians, yogis, storytellers, druids – all with a common passion to evolve into human beings who engage our lives with authenticity, depth and meaning.

Firedrake Center for The Arts is housed in the lush hills of rural Maryland, on a 45-acre sanctuary in the heart of NW Baltimore County. Just driving down the lane invites us to down-shift and pay attention on a profound level. Here the old cow pastures are planted in native, warm-season grasses and native hardwood trees. The pond nestled in the bottom of the hollow offers a deep stillness. The walking paths that wind around past the hidden dens where the fox raise their kits and the silent groves where deer go to rest invite us to step into and imbibe the nurturing stillness of Nature.

The Sophia Center, a renovated corn crib, is the heart of the farm. It houses various programs, including:  Thunderboom Institute, The Grove of the Firedrake, Being Reiki, Temple of the Sacred Feminine, and the Hollowdeck Writer’s Guild in Maryland.

Each of these offerings serves to awaken, nourish, and make whole our essential being, supporting and challenging participants as they step into an embodied experience of their true nature in its diverse expressions. In turn, these creative expressions are offered to the greater community through readings, performances, shows, workshops and concerts.

Take a look at our classes and events and JOIN US!

4 Responses to Firedrake

  1. Tammy Beavers says:

    I would like to learn more about the classes and to join site.
    Thanks, Tammy

    • Hi Tammy,

      Thank you for your interest. Contact the presenter of the program you are interested in. Every presenter has contact info below their offering.

      Also, we are on You can join us there as well.

      All the Best

  2. Michele says:

    Where in MD are you located? General idea— Hagerstown, Frederick, Baltimore, …??

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